Roots and Wings Learning Center-
210 Commerce Lake Dr.
Playball classes are  every Wednesday morning
The Goddard school-
100 Julington Plaza Dr
Playball classes are every Friday morning
The Goddard School-
415 Meldrum Lane
Playball classes are every Monday after lunch.
Baymeadows Christian Academy-
4826 Baymeadows 
Playball classes are  every Tuesday  morning
The Academy at Julington Creek-
990 Flora Branch Blvd
Playball classes are every Thursday morning
Tutor Time-
8510 Watermill Blvd.
Playball classes are every Friday  morning
Tutor Time-
125 Hampton Pt.
Playball classes are  every Monday morning
Southside United Methodist Preschool-
3120 Hendricks Ave.
Playball classes are every Tuesday at 1:00pm
Tutor Time- 
13734 Old St Augustine Rd
Playball Classes are every Tuesday Morning
Creative Minds Academy Durbin-
14985 Old St Augustine Rd
classes are every Friday morning
Creative Minds Academy Deerwood-
10550 Deerwood Park Blvd #704
Classes are every Wedsnesday morning
Deerwood Academy-
7575 Centurion Parkway
Classes are every Tuesday morning
Providence Preschool-
3115 Discovery Way 
Classes every Monday morning
Deermeadows Preschool-
9780 Baymeadows Rd.
Classes Are Tuesdays and Fridays after school 

Kiddie Academy
14975 Walden Spring Way
Classes are every Wednesday  afternoon

​Peas in a Pod Hood Rd

​9652 Hood Rd.

Classes are every Thursday morning

Peas in a Pod Marbon Rd

3560 Marbon Rd.

Classes are every Tuesday morning

Deerwood Campus
8400 Baycenter Road

Classes are every  Tuesday Mornings

San Jose Episcopal Day School
7423 San Jose Boulevard
Class time Wednesday after school

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What Is Pre-School Playball?

Playball is an international child development program dedicated to teaching life skills and building self esteem through age appropriate creative sport movement. Since 1982, Playball has introduced boys and girls, ages 2-9, to the splinter skills of a wide variety of sports including, tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, field hockey and volleyball. This approach has a couple of important advantages: it develops the broadest array of gross & fine motor skills and the variety keeps students fully engaged. Combining this with a creative, energetic, structured atmosphere makes for an educational environment that is also FUN!

The Playball class is a low pressure, positive environment so as to ensure your child’s first exposure to sports is a positive one. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are some of the life skills your child will develop in Playball. 

The Playball curriculum is progressive which allows children to improve on skills previously learned. In this way Playball insures your child has a strong foundation on which to build and encourages their motor development progression.

The typical weekly Playball class will be 30 minutes long and consist of a warm up, 5 or 6 skills that can include, kicking, bouncing, batting, catching and throwing, ending with a high energy game. Class size is limited to 8 kids per class to ensure individual attention.

What Is Elementary Playball?

The objective of Elementary playball is
1. Development of basic rules of the game
2. Team work
3. Skill sequencing
4. Becoming comfortable with a variety of sporting equipment
5. Developing a genuine enthusiasm for sports

Children will work on one sport a month with 3 weeks of skill instruction and then play the game at the end of the month.

In today’s way of life with TV and computer games, movement is more important than ever for our kids! It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a profound influence on academic performance.

Give your child the opportunity to develop sport and life skills with Playball!!!

Weekly Classes after school

Duval Charter at Baymeadows

Duval Charter at Flagler

San Jose Episcopal Day School

Duval Charter School at Southside

Duval Charter at Mandarin

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