Playball For the Elementary Child

Learn, Practice, Play!! That's the Playball Way.

Playball provides elementary children with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports throughout the school year. A different sport will be introduced one time a month.

1. Your child will work on the foundations of sport to start with, such as the correct grip and correct stance.

2. Once the foundational skills have been presented and practiced we will then move to putting those skills into action by working on drills with the children.

3. The children will then progress to the game environment where they can practice more demanding ball skills and develop skills for working within a team.

Volleyball  Soccer  Flag-Football  Basketball  Hockey  Tennis  Baseball

Playball exposes your child to a variety of sports.

This keeps the child from being bored and helps the child decide what they enjoy and feel confident in participating in as they get into the formal sport environment.