The ‘PREPS’ program deals with the refinement of skills. The quality of each movement is therefore of the utmost importance. “PREPS” includes a wide range of specialized sports skills, formalized sports drills and a large amount of partner work, which lays the foundation for competent sport participation. School readiness is a priority now. Children are corrected and guided to use the right technique to be successful in the elementary sporting environment.

5's Turning 6

2 Can Do
2's Turning 3

At this stage the 4 year old is exposed to a wide variety of different sport skills in each Playball class. It is in this stage that they have the opportunity to practice more rigorously, therefore developing competence and confidence.
Children at this age are able to concentrate for longer periods and are able to be more acurate when imitating skills.
The 4's also work on distance and refinement of skills.

Playball exposes your child to a variety of sports.

This keeps the child from being bored and helps the child decide what they enjoy and feel confident in participating in as they get into the formal sport environment.

At 3 the emphasis is on a solid base of large movement skills ranging through Stability, Locomotion and Manipulation. The 3 year old has lost the clumsiness of the previous age and now is able to move their bodies into meaningful movement patterns that are required for a specific skill.
The learning environment is structured and the 3 yr old is exposed to more sport skills and we will be working on the concentration to perform these skills!
The 3 year old program also focuses on enjoyment and building confidence to participate in the sporting environment.

4's Turning 5

Watch me at 3
3's Turning 4

At two we are still laying the foundation for basic movement in order to enable the child to accomplish more challenging sport related skills. 2's still need to become aware of the wonderful things that their bodies can do. They need lots of practice in the basic buliding blocks, like locomotion, balance, body and spatial awareness, muscle strengthening and motor skills.

The process of being exposed to a formal environment and to a variety of movement skills is most important in the 2's program...not the quality of the finished product.

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