Playball has an Age Specific Curriculum just for your child.

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Playball programs are developed through a highly specialized process by qualified teams of teachers, educational psychologists, occupational therapists and sport specialists. The starting point is the child’s age profile, which provides the team with the information about the physical, emotional and cognitive development and milestones for a particular age group. The activities are then scientifically designed and selected according to ‘where the child is at’ as well as what is expected at a specific age. Programs are updated regularly in order to keep up with the latest trends in sports and education.

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What Is Playball?

Coaching Jacksonville children since 2006

Playball provides elementary children with the opportunity to learn a variety of sports throughout the school year.

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Elementary Program

Pre-School Programs

Sport and Movement Development Specialists teaching the splinter skills of six major sports.

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To Learn More or view program locations call:

Martha Gorski at (904) 422-1622  

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